Social Media

The Challenge

Social Media is challenging organisations to reassess their customer service strategies and how they address this new multi-channel opportunity.  Communicating over online media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, E-mail and Chat has put new demands on contact centres.
The challenge is that most contact centres have not kept pace with the social networking revolution, and they are uncertain about how to evolve their organization and technology infrastructure to support these interactions and integrate them into their overall servicing strategy.

With over 1.2 billion Facebook users and 500 million Twitter users, social media as a customer service channel has finally arrived.

The Opportunity

Along with this challenge there are great opportunities. According to DMG Consulting, the number of social media interactions will equal the number of phone interactions within five years. Companies that have the foresight to adapt their customer service strategies and operational processes to accommodate these social media interactions have a great opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors and increase both their volume of business and their margins.

  • All incoming Tweets, Posts, etc., are registered and stored
  • View the history from the same Facebook, Twitter or Linked In user before answering or posting
  • Set up template answers and the system will propose the best answer
  • View the complete history of the sender across all media
  • Social Media Scanning - See what’s being said about you

The Solution

Total Interact gives you everything you need to allow you to communicate with your customers via social media and capitalise on the opportunities presented. With a powerful workflow system, all customer communications, no matter what channel, will be routed to the right agent or call group and responded to appropriately. Each agent can interact with customers across the different media formats which will result in greater efficiency and consistency of message. Total Interact’s Social Media handling facility is not some ”bolted on” element. It is a fully integrated constituent of our holistic solution. All communications are handled in a seamless manner regardless of the medium used by your customers. Every single contact is tracked and stored from start to finish and the total contact history for each customer across all media can  be viewed when required.


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