Automated Services

Sometimes situations arise that generate a large number of calls. It could be a power failure, a disruption to service, etc..
We have developed several smart solutions to handle the increased traffic flow and minimize the impact on your contact centre using Automated Services.

Customers are automatically routed to the right information without burdening your agents, thereby providing significant cost savings.

For example, our Hot Messaging facility allows you to setup a message immediately to inform callers about a particular situation that has just occurred e.g. a service outage. It can be setup so that only callers with phone numbers from the particular area/region affected by the outage will hear the Hot Message. There will be no interaction with your Agents and therefore no cost to your company.

Total Interact can detect client's information needs in a variety of ways - the phone number they are calling from, a phrase in an email, a tweet or a post, or information associated with their account number. In this way, we can answer customer queries, and inform them correctly without undue strain on your agents.

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